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Render image view from sidewalk near entrance of main entrance
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Welcome to Swift Water Elementary

We are a welcoming community of learners who inspire and empower each other to lead, innovate, and dream. 

We empower learners to be...

- Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, Critical Thinkers
- Effective Communicators, Reflective Goal Setters and Self-Advocates
- Innovators Who Wonder, Create, and Inspire
- Contributors and Caretakers of the Community
- Inclusive, Valuing Diversity and Different Perspectives

Because we value...

- Kindness and Empathy
- Creativity
- Growth Mindset
- Courage
- Curiosity
- Collaboration
- Resiliency

School News

Supplies for 2021-22

Swift Water Elementary will be providing all of our students school supplies for the 2021-22 school year.

Word cloud of text with lake and mountain background photo

From our parent survey sent out in March, we've built a Swift Water word cloud to share the hopes and dreams of families have for our new students.

Young White with black spots seal on beach

Seals are friendly and curious. Seals enjoy exploring and learning about the world. Seals are eager to play and make new friends.  Seals are observant, graceful and easy-going, and use all their senses for learning. 

School Calendar

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